our vision

retail standards and representation

Promoting safe cannabis sales and harm reduction; providing educational resources for all.


Our Mission

The Canadian Cannabis Retailers’ Union (CCRU) is a registered non-profit organization dedicated to the enactment of a uniform set of safe, responsible, and consumer-friendly cannabis retailing practices across all provinces, territories, and municipalities.

The CCRU provides retailers with a set of practical operating standards which promote the principles of harm reduction and safe sales, while empowering the retailer in the rapidly evolving Canadian cannabis marketplace.

We protect communities and foster a high standard of cannabis retailing through open dialogue and by spreading awareness of safe product distribution principles. We prioritize the safety and education of workers while endowing retailers with the tools to be accountable to their customers.

what we do

represent cannabis retailers

  • + Provide educational resources on safe cannabis distribution
  • + Enhance the professional development of workers in the cannabis space
  • + Address current cannabis retail issues in a timely and effective manner
  • + Represent the rights and responsibilities of cannabis retailers in Canada

promote community safety

  • + Protect Canadian communities by ensuring that CCRU members abide by responsible sales and operating practices
  • + Publish public resources for open communication on cannabis
  • + Promote harm reduction strategies to protect communities
  • + Connect retailers through dialogue to increase positive results for public health and wellness across the country

social responsibility

  • + Protect our youth
  • + Publish public resources for open cannabis communication
  • + Get communities involved in the issues that matter to them most