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About the CCRU Retail Training Course

We developed this course in order to safely train Canada’s budtenders of the future. The two-day in-person course includes comprehensive information and training on the safe sale and distribution of cannabis in Canada and fully educates those interested in, or already working on the frontlines of cannabis retail stores. All CCRU members are also required to have their retail employees enroll in the course.

through 10
comprehensive modules,
students will learn:

  • Cannabis fundamentals and regulation
  • What it takes to be a budtender in this emerging industry
  • Customer service best practices and harm reduction
    (including how to properly screen for minors)
  • Methods of safe cannabis handling
    and retail upkeep
A key aspect of the course is a simulated retail store component where students receive practical, interactive training in key responsible sales practices.


Students enrolled in the CCRU Retail Training Course receive certification following a final exam with a passing grade of 80%. This ensures that all students are properly qualified enter the cannabis retail environment. A certificate of completion is provided.
You will receive certification after the completion of your two-day seminar, customer simulation exam, and final exam.
  • The introductory cost of the course and certification is $599 for individuals

Once you pass, you will receive your own official Cannabis Fundamentals and Retail Training Certification.