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About the CCRU Retail Setup Guide

The objective of the CCRU recommended standards for retail stores is to establish a balance between the rules, processes, and standards of retail compliance and Canada’s broader regulatory objectives.  The guide provides cannabis retailers with the necessary options and recommendations to operate cannabis retail stores that are safe and reduce the harm of the surrounding community.

Summary for
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Prospective Members

  • CCRU Certified Retailers must have reasonable measures in place to screen the age of those purchasing cannabis or cannabis accessories. No individual under the age of 19 should be able to purchase cannabis or cannabis accessories;
  • All CCRU Certified Retailers must possess and promote Responsible Use Programs within each retail location;
  • A secure surveillance system must be in place at CCRU Certified Retailers’ locations at all times;
  • All verbiage and imagery on the exterior of a CCRU Certified Retailer must adhere to a set of specific responsible retailing and community protection principles;
  • CCRU Certified Retailers must clearly identify the purpose of their business on the exterior of their certified store;
  • CCRU Certified Retailers must maintain all retail and product records for a minimum of 3 years;
  • All CCRU Certified Retailers must clearly display that the premise acts in accordance with the laws set forth by the Smoke-Free Ontario Act, 2017;
  • All CCRU Certified Retailers are obligated to undergo a Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design (CPTED) Assessment;
  • CCRU certified retailers must ensure that all employees act with honesty, integrity, in good will and faith;

  • CCRU Certified Retailers must practise retail oversight of all operations, must make their certification visible to CCRU retail inspectors upon request, and must provide an operating name that is the same as the name set out on the retail store certification provided by the CCRU.

A key aspect of the course is a simulated retail store component where students receive practical, interactive training in key responsible sales practices.

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