cannabis research

The Canadian Cannabis Retailers’ Union is driven by the desire to arm our members with the education and data they need to be able to ensure that they can meet the growing demands of a brand new marketplace.


We seek to partner, fund, and support ideas that provide foundational cannabis data, use innovative approaches, work to strengthen communities, and aim for beneficial policy change that encourages industry, government, and public engagement.


A key aspect of this mission is to invest in innovative research which increases knowledge across the cannabis industry spectrum. The results of this research provides CCRU the ability to better fulfil its mandate to the benefit of its members and ultimately the public.


broadly speaking,
our areas of research
interest include:

  • Medical and recreational product access challenges and issues
  • Cannabis safety and efficacy
  • Harm reduction strategies
  • Health and medicinal benefits of cannabis and its derivatives

At CCRU, our research efforts are tethered to a simple principle: if it has the potential to do significant good, then we should do it. Across our projects and initiatives, we gather and share foundational data to inform solutions for safe and beneficial cannabis sales and use, react nimbly to changing member, industry and consumer needs, and embrace the power of awareness and collaboration.

If you have a promising cannabis-related research project seeking financial sponsorship, we invite you to reach out to us at