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You can be a part of our mission to regulate cannabis retailers across Canada.

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Membership Details

Becoming a member of the Canadian Cannabis Retailers Union (CCRU) is a commitment to upholding the highest standards of safe and responsible cannabis sales. As a member, your retail operation will be recognized at the forefront of the industry for its leadership in serving consumers and protecting the community.

CCRU members and their employees are fully trained in cannabis retail best practices.

Standard operating procedures are provided in order for you to offer a retail environment that offers the best opportunity for your business to succeed while providing your customers with a superior and safe experience.

Upon completion of the CCRU Training Program, members receive CCRU member cards and a plaque and stickers for public display. Members are also provided with harm reduction banners and other materials.

As a CCRU exclusive member you also have the opportunity to purchase the industry’s best child-safety bags embossed with your logo next to that of the CCRU.

CCRU members have the option to participate in monthly member update meetings in person or by video link. CCRU also publishes a quarterly newsletter for its members and the public.

Membership Compliance

Ongoing compliance with CCRU’s standard operating procedures is a core aspect of membership. In addition to annual planned audits of member operations, the CCRU conducts inspection visits to check compliance. Non-compliant members are given thorough recommendations meet requirements. If compliance cannot be met, membership and its associated benefits are revoked.

The CCRU’s goal is to proactively provide education to its members and the broader cannabis industry to increase the understanding of responsible retailing best practices.